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Paci-Plushies Buddies - Allie Alligator

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Cherished by Millions of Families World-Wide, Paci-Plushies make finding Pacifiers a Snap!

Paci-Plushies® keeps pacifiers close to Baby, allowing older Infants and Toddlers to independently find, grasp onto and maneuver the pacifier into their mouth. Our flexible Hug Ring™ adaptor attaches to a wide variety of Name Brand Pacifiers, including MAM®, Avent®, NUK®, BIBS™ and more!

Paci-Plushies® include a Nookums® Brand silicone Pacifier that detaches for easy replacement & sanitation. To aid in weaning, Parents can cut off the Ribbon that connects the Hug Ring™ to the Plush Animals, allowing Baby to keep their Precious Plushie for continued Comforting & Play. Easy to Clean. Dishwasher Safe & Machine Washable.