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Calming Music Sound Book

Usborne and Kane Miller Books

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Little children will love curling up while they listen to the five peaceful classical tunes in this beautifully illustrated book. Featuring an On/Off switch and small silver buttons throughout the book, this is a music book you won't regret getting!

This soothing music book has five classical tunes to hear by pressing the buttons on the pages. Little children can curl up for a peaceful moment as they listen to the music and lose themselves in the charming illustrations, as each page shows a different group of baby animals who are entranced by the tunes. Five carefully chosen pieces of music including works by Schubert, Haydn and Fauré. Each piece of music is mentioned so that you can listen further.

Series: Press-a-Sound Books
Press the button on each page to hear wonderful sounds and noises. The beautiful illustrations complement these beautiful first picture books for young children with fully embedded sounds.